Rock On Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ok. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ok.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ok.
/ ; Prenez un homme qui écrit sa vie et sa vie est triste à mourir. Prenez une femme qui croit aux affinités électives, au sens des mots, et que rien n’est laissé au hasard. Prenez un homme vieilli avant l’heure et une femme qui ne sait pas grandir. Prenez un homme et une femme et mélangez.



I really enjoy it when you decide to totally drop me out of nowhere. Well no, after you let me stay at your house and had sex with me. Like i really enjoy it when you manipulated my feelings over the course of 2 years. I really enjoy the first two times i saw you, you decided to avoid me for days after- then reply with a “yeah sorry” and still think it’s cool to start speaking to me and wanting to meet up again (and yes that does not excuse how badly i wanted to meet up with you) whether you did it out of empathy or you genuinely did somehow want to try things out it STILL fucked me over either way and it’s totally disrespectful and non understandable why you’d do such a thing. I totally enjoyed all the times we spent having sex because at least for me there was an emotional attachment and for some reason that made me feel better about myself (Hope it did for you too). I really, REALLY enjoyed all the times you didn’t call, and the fact i cried way too many times over you and your actions making ME feel like i messed up somewhere. Even though you actually took me places in public (i thought we were only fuck buddies???) somehow bringing up my confusion over our status and whether i actually trusted you enough suddenly that is too much for you and you decide to almost cut me out FOR A THIRD TIME. What i really enjoy the most, though, is that i totally adore/adored you, and i can’t leave you alone, no matter what mixed signals you’re giving me, one minute saying you would like to meet up and next ignoring me for days. Reallyyyy fucking enjoyable.

" The best relationship is when you can act like lovers and best friends at the same time. "

— anonyme

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"whats your sexuality?" "money"

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"J’ai peur que tu rencontres quelqu’un qui te fasse oublier à quel point on s’est aimé toi et moi."